Pre-Employment Evaluation (CURRENTLY UNDER REVIEW)


Candidates for employment in all classifications, except Part-time Faculty, Instructional Assistant, Student Assistant or College Work Study Student Assistant, are required to complete the pre-employment Health Questionnaire, 10-2300, prior to beginning work. In some cases a pre-employment physical examination at the Employee Health Service (EHS) of Detroit Receiving Hospital/University Health Service is required.

Candidates may not begin working without prior authorization by Employment Services.




Employing Unit (Academic)/ Employment Services (Non-Academic)

  1. Provide candidate with 10-2300 (and return envelope) as soon as offer of employment has been tendered.


  1. Complete 10-2300 and return to Employment Health Evaluation Section of the Office of Human Resources.

NOTE: The completed form must be received in Employment Health Evaluation Section at least five working days prior to the desired start date.

Employment Health Evaluation Section

  1. Review the questionnaire

  2. If physical examination is not required, notify employing unit (Dean's office for academic applicant) that employment can commence.

  3. If physical examination is required:

    1. Schedule an appointment at EHS.

    2. Give candidate completed top portion of Employee Health Service Referral, 10-2307, and notify him/her to report to EHS at the time and date of the appointment.

  4. Receive results of evaluation from EHS and notify employee and/or unit if employee is qualified to begin work.