2.0 General Administrative Policies

General Administrative policies are listed below. Click on each one for details.

University Policies (i.e. policies issued by the president)

86-5 Patent Administration and Procedures

99-1 University Policy-Making Processes

99-2 Delegation Of Executive Authority In The Absence Of The President

99-3 Workplace Violence

99-6 Cancellation Of University Activities During Severe Weather Conditions

99-7 Releasing Employees During Business Hours

00-3 Smoke-Free and Tobacco-Free Campus Policy

01-4 Freedom Of Information Act

01-5 Sexual Assault

01-6 Publication and Use of Alumni Directories

01-7 Administrative Designees Under The Agreement Between Wayne State University And The Wayne State University Chapter Of The American Association Of University Professors – AFT Local 6075

01-8 University Symbols

01-9 Private Support For Facilities

01-10 Administration of Institutional and Departmental Nongovernmental Financial Aid

01-11 Service and Sale of Alcoholic Beverages on Campus

02-3 Consulting By Executive Officers

02-7 University Risk Management Policy

03-1 University Policy On Printed Matter

03-3 Tuition And Fee Appeals Board Policy

03-5 Facilities And Administrative Costs Distribution Policy

04-1 University Art Collection Management Policy

04-2 Supplier Diversity Program

04-3 Space Planning, Allocation, And Alteration

04-5 Approval, Stewardship, And Reporting Of Gifts, Grants And Contracts

04-6 Contract Signatories

04-7 Approval of Educational Policies

05-1 Class and Room Scheduling

05-3 Discrimination And Harassment Complaint Process

05-4 Contracts Between Wayne State University And External Organizations In Which University Employees Participate

05-4 Contracts Between Wayne State University And External Organizations In Which University Employees Participate – Attachment

05-6 Distribution and Sales of Literature, Food and Goods

05-7 Receipt, Deposit, and Management of University Funds

06-1 University Awards

06-1 University Awards - Attachment

06-2 University Centers and Institutes: Policy On Creation, Operation, Review And Discontinuance

07-2 Confidential Information Policy

08-1 Conflict Of Interest Disclosure

08-2 Investigator Disclosure

09-1 Mandatory Immunization Records

09-2 Tuberculosis Testing

10-1 Wayne State University Policy and Procedure Regarding Research Misconduct

11-1 Video Surveillance Policy

14-2 Contacts with Covered Federal and State Government Officials

15-1 Financial Transactions and Document Approvals

16-1 University Donations and Sponsorships to External Organizations

16-2 International Travel

16-4 Family Educational Rights and Privacy

18-2 Prevailing Wage Rate Requirements

The university's Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual (APPM) can be accessed by clicking on this link.