3.2.1 Academic PositionsFaculty And Academic Staff


Academic Position

Positions which include all classifications defined in the bargaining agreement between the university and the American Association of University Professors (AAUP).


Appointments are made only after a search and selection process, which is documented in the pre-employment file of a candidate. The preparation of that file rests with the hiring department, school, college, or division.




Employing Unit

  1. Prepare pre-employment packet including:
    1. Appointment Authorization, form 791, indicating verification of funded position, moving expense arrangement, tenure status and Authorization for Immediate Inclusion into the Retirement Program, form 789.
    2. Curriculum vitae.
    3. Letters of recommendation from external references.
    4. Copy of internal posting.
    5. Written recommendation of the department chair with concurrence of the dean.
    6. Visa Contract Review.
    7. Letter of Offer.
    • NOTE: If the candidate's assignment is "subject to the pleasure of the president or his/her designee", it must be so stated in the Letter of Offer.
  2. Include the following documentation of affirmative action compliance:
    1. Form 791.
    2. Copies of advertisements.
    3. Profile of other applicants (census).
    4. Resumes of no fewer that the three most qualified candidates not recommended with written justification for the disqualification.
  3. Send pre-employment packet to Dean/Director.


  1. Review and approve pre-employment packet.

  2. Send pre-employment packet to the Provost.

NOTE: Certain academic non-tenure track appointments are approved by the Dean and do not need to go to the Provost. (See Executive Order 88-5 Sub delegation of Authority for Academic Appointments and Reappointments.)

Provost Office

  1. Review pre-employment packet and send Affirmative Action documentation to Office of Equal Opportunity.

Office of Equal Opportunity(OEO )

  1. Review documentation and notify Provost or Dean of approval.

NOTE: Approval is assumed by default if notification is not received in three days.

Provost or Dean

  1. Verify that Letter of Offer amount is the same or less than the funded position amount.

  • If not, transfer funds from pool to position.
  • If no pool exists, return to Employing Unit.
  1. Sign Letter of Offer after receiving OEO approval or three (3) days has passed.

  2. Return the pre-employment packet to the Employing Unit.

Employing Unit

  1. Have candidate sign Letter of Offer and complete Human Resources Kit which includes:

    1. Bulletin titled Verification of Employment Eligibility.

    2. Tax cards.

    3. Benefit information.

    4. Benefit enrollment cards.

    5. Academic Personal Data, form 716.

    6. Health Questionnaire, form 2300, to be sent to Employment Health Evaluation Section when completed.

    7. Picture Identification card (refer to APPM section 3.0.14, Staff Identification).

  2. Prepare Personnel Assignment (PASS), form 787,and send all material to Provost or Dean.

  3. Prepare First/Last Day Notice, form 618, and distribute copies to appropriate departments.


  1. Report to Human Resources or International Services (as appropriate) to complete Form I-9 process. (See APPM section 3.0.12, Verification of Employment Eligibility.)


  1. Verify PASS for consistency, accuracy or Dean and compliance with policy.

  2. Forward PASS to Human Resources.

Human Resources

  1. Enter assignment into HRS.

  2. Send copy of PASS and tax cards to Payroll and a copy of PASS and benefit enrollment cards to Benefits Administration.

  3. Distribute copies of PASS and Employee Profile, form 784.

  4. Send Notice of Personnel Action (NPA), form 786, to Employing Unit for distribution to employee within ten (10) days.